Monday, August 25, 2008

Bloglines account

Have just successfully subscribed to a bloglines account and added some feeds - I think! When I tried last week I was baulked because the page was unavailable. I hope to be able to get news of the avalanche that occurred on Mont Blanc earlier this week, killing 8 Swiss climbers. When I get more up to speed with it I would like to get access to information about new books being published.

Monday, August 18, 2008

RSS feeds and bloglines

Had a look at news feeds, and how one can bookmark URLs that interest you. It is great how you can choose information to be delivered to you automatically via your mobile. Don't know that I will actually use this (being such a technological bunny) but nice to know that I could if I really tried.
Also created a blogline account, but was foiled when tried to add feeds because the page was unavailable. Frustrating! I usually tend to think its because I'm doing something wrong, but was assured by those much more expert than I that this happens to them also. Must try again later.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Around the world communication made easy

One day last week, family member Trisha watched her 7 month old niece Katie as she stirred and woke up in her cot, and then spent the next 15 minutes chatting with her and playing peek-a-boo. She was able to do this because Katie's mum in New Zealand put her laptop in the cot with Katie and skyped Trisha in England. Aunt and niece had lots of fun, and the whole experience was captured on video so that Trisha's brother (and Katie's Dad) could watch them playing when he came home from work. Amazing!

Today at the bus stop I got chatting with a total stranger and in the course of the conversation mentioned how I rely always on having a map book in the glove compartment of my car so that I can refer to it if I get lost. (I can get lost in a paper bag). Sometimes though it isn't there when I need it because other members of my family use it and then don't always put it back. My new bus stop friend whipped out his mobile phone and said he uses that - just tells it where he is and where he wants to go and he gets the answer. I should have told him that he could also use it to look up the library catalogue as well, but the bus came along.

Mashup of church steeples

Having created a flickr account and being asked to use some of the tools, I decided to look at mashup and create a mosaic. I looked at pictures of church steeples, picked the ones I wanted and decided on the format of the mosaic, given the predetermined choices. I added them to my favourites in the flickr account, sending them to the H drive.