Sunday, October 12, 2008

Social networking

The task this time was to look at Facebook (which I have done, and even joined it and the North Shore Libraries group), Myspace, Bebo and various other social networking services. Different members of my family are old hands at this and keep in contact almost every day with friends from around the world. They have been amused and sometimes disconcerted when someone they barely know has asked to be their friend - what is the etiquette, would you hurt their feelings if you declined? - and I think that although the networking sites are a great tool for personal use, I'll mainly pass. Don't think many of my friends have joined Facebook and Myspace and I cherish my privacy too much to divulge personal information.

Looked at Auckland City Library bebo and again can see it is a great tool, used judiciously and targeting different age groups. Must be kept up to date and relevant.

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